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Simpson PowerShot 3228-S Power Washer Review

A Heavy-Duty Bruiser of a Pressure Washer!

OK, now it’s time to really get down to business! If you plan on using a pressure washer for commercial purposes or if you need to use one regularly, it’s obvious you need to forget about residential models.

What you need is a commercial-grade unit that takes no prisoners when it comes to power. With industrial-strength pressure cleaners power is head and shoulders above stuff like portability, ease of use and so on. One such unit is the Simpson PS3228-S PowerSho with a Honda GX200 Engine (gas powered of course).

At first glance you can tell this is a heavy-duty piece of equipment. A massive frame, big engine and huge wheels indicate this pressure washer is no joke. In fact, it will make short work of decks, remove graffiti, prepare walls for painting, get rid of oil and grease and even peel off old finish from wood.

Need to Know Information

Well, let me say right off the bat that this pressure washer is an absolute animal. It delivers 3200 PSI of pressure and 2.8 GPM water flow rate. In case you’re having trouble wrapping your brain around these figures, let me give you an example.

Your average garden hose delivers 30 to 40 PSI of pressure which makes this unit nearly a hundred times more powerful! All this power is produced by its massive 14 HP GX200 OHV commercial engine and yes, the engine is made by Honda which is just about the best you can get.

Such immense power requires high-quality parts which is why this pressure washer features a triplex plunger pump. The pump on this unit also features a patented PowerBoost technology developed by AAA which delivers much higher pressure at the nozzle, helping to provide optimum performance. In addition to this the pump produces very little vibration or noise, and heats up a lot less which results in a longer life.

Heavy-Duty Design

Here, we have a pressure washer designed for some tough cleaning jobs which is evident by its massive frame made out of welded steel. In order to move all that bulk, the unit is equipped with pneumatic tires that wouldn’t be out of place on some smaller off-road vehicle.

Another indicator you are dealing with a professional piece of gear is the pro-style quick connect wands and nozzle tips. The spray gun is also professional-grade along with a non-marring 25-foot heavy-duty hose which is resistant to kinks and scratches.


In order to make the most of all the power that’s being produced you get an assortment of hoses and nozzles which you can change in a matter of seconds. Speaking of nozzles, you get a total of five tips for various cleaning applications. Of course, you get 0, 15, 25 and 40-degree nozzle tips, as well as soap applicators.

The zero-degree nozzle is used for the toughest cleaning tasks, while the 40-degree tip should be used to clean more delicate surfaces such as glass or the paint job on your car. The other two nozzle tips provide you with some additional flexibility.

If all that cleaning power is simply not enough you can also use detergent to help you out. Simply put the detergent siphoning tube into the detergent (make sure it’s for this particular pressure washer), attach the soap applicator tip and that’s pretty much it. In order to store the trigger gun, hose, and all the aforementioned attachments there is plenty of convenient onboard storage space.

The Verdict

Compared to most pressure washers I have reviewed, this one is a savage beast as far as sheer power produced by the engine is concerned. Sometimes there is simply no substitute for that kind of cleaning power. I honestly doubt you will find any kind of cleaning task this power tool can’t handle. Plus, it is extremely robust, durable and the components used to manufacture it are of the highest quality.

I thoroughly recommend this pressure washer since it is not only one of the best pressure washers I have come across, but one of the best power tools on the market today, period! If you want to purchase one, take a peek at Amazon which happens to be my favorite online retailer.

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