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One of my favorite pass-times is to fire up the barbeque, get some burgers, invite a few friends and enjoy the evening. Good food and pleasant company, what more can you ask for? Well, for starters something to help clean all that grease, charcoal and fat that gets stuck to the grill! I knew pressure washers existed, but trying to find one was a nightmare due to the insane number of makes and models out there.

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After spending weeks reading just about anything pressure washer-related I could get my hands on the penny finally dropped! After that, I found I had loads of free time on my hands, so I decided to do something useful and create a review website in order to help people (like you) find out what they need to know without having to go through all the hassle I did.

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Under Pressure?

Even though all my articles and reviews are pretty short and to the point, it will take you an entire afternoon to go through all of them (which is better than weeks), but I realize some of you don’t have the time. If this is you don’t worry because I’ve compiled a comparison table that lists all the pressure washers I have along with their main characteristics and features as well as links to Amazon. For those of you who can set aside more time, I invite you to keep reading.

Power Washer Q&A

If you have been reading up on power washers some of the terms you come across may not be crystal-clear right off the bat. Before reading the pressure washer reviews I have posted I suggest you take a look at some informational articles I have prepared for you, they contain everything you need to know.

Here is a short introduction.

Buying Guide

This should be your staring point. I have highlighted the essentials you need to learn such as how to figure out the power and size of pressure washers, their features, application and some additional things to look out for. These are important because you will find them in every single review and informational article on my website.

Electric or Gas

There are several different types of power washers that use various power sources, but by far the two most common types are electric and gas powered pressure washers. To find out more about the pros and cons, give this article a go.

Hot and Cold Water Pressure Washers

Most pressure washers are designed to use cold water, but some of them use hot water as well (or both). As you would expect the design of these pressure washers is a bit different, and I have done my best to explain all of the variances as well as similarities.

My Best Picks

There is more in respect of pure information, but before I get onto them let’s check out my top pressure washer picks.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Washer Review

Best Electric Pressure Washer
The Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer is the best electric power washer currently on the market, so it was pretty easy for me to award it this title. Not only is it one of the best reviewed and best-selling pressure washers it also has a massively powerful 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM motor, and a number of features you won’t find elsewhere.

Generac 6596 Gas Pressure Washer

Best Gas-Powered Pressure Washer
The Generac 6596 Pressure Washer earns the coveted title of best gas power washer for a number of reasons. It is very powerful, easy to move around, and best of all it won’t annihilate your budget!

AR Blue Clean 383

Washer with the Best Value for Money
It’s pretty hard to beat what the AR Blue Clean 383 Electric Power Washer has to offer. For one, it is the #1 best-selling pressure washer on Amazon, and even though I’ve never been one to follow the masses so many people simply cannot be wrong! Personally, I think it’s a great combo of versatility, power and price.

Simpson Mini-Brute MB1223

Best Hot Water Pressure Washer
The Simpson Mini-Brute MB1223 Heavy Duty Pressure Washer is the only diesel/electric hot water unit I decided to review, and for a good reason. It is simply outstanding! It has a massive amount of power at its disposal and the clever hybrid design won me over immediately.

Pressure Pro E3027HC Power Washer

Best Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer
There was no way I was going to leave out the Pressure Pro E3027HC Professional Pressure Washer in my reviews. It has a 2,700 PSI 3.0 GPM Honda engine, CAT pump, 50-foot hose, and more than enough power to make this the best heavy duty pressure washer I could find.

Karcher K 3.000 Follow Me

Best Compact Pressure Washer
Karcher is one of the most reputable companies in the business and their compact pressure washer, the Karcher K 3.000 Follow Me is certainly the best on the market if you are looking to buy a powerful yet compact pressure cleaner crammed full of great features.

Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot Review

Best Industrial Pressure Washer
As soon as I reviewed the Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot, I knew I was going to name it the best industrial-grade pressure washer. Aside from being the Incredible Hulk among pressure washers, it is put together using the very best components there are. Durable and savagely powerful are just some of the adjectives that go with it.

AR Blue Clean 118

Best Indoor Pressure Washer
If you plan on doing some indoor and light outdoor cleaning jobs, look no further than the AR Blue Clean 118 Electric Pressure Washer. It’s incredibly compact, light, and you can carry it around in your hand. Small yet effective!

Generac 6602 Gas Pressure Washer

Best Pressure Washer for Washing Cars
The Generac 6602 PowerDial Gas Pressure Washer is the best option if you are going to be using a power washer on your car. However, it can do so much more than that. It is hugely powerful and has the best feature I have come across on a pressure washer so far: The PowerDial!

Basic Pressure Washer Info

Are you still with me? Great because I have more informational articles for you just like I promised.

What Pressure Washers Are Used For

While their application is generally contained within the name, pressure washers can do a lot more than you think. Depending on the amount of power they can clean pretty much anything.

The Right Way to Pressure Wash Your Car

Since car washing is one of the most common pressure washer applications I refer to in my reviews, I just had to write an article about it and point out some of the dos and dont’s. Trust me, it’s a good read (even if I do say-so myself)!

Finding the Right Nozzle/Attachments

Without the right sort of nozzles and attachments a pressure washer is a pretty one-dimensional power tool. Find out which ones you should buy so you get the most out of your unit.

Is My Water Pressure Something to Consider?

I cannot emphasize enough how important this article is. The pressure of your water supply MUST match or outmatch the pressure rating of the washer you intend to use. In this article, you can find out if your water supply is up to the task.

Storing and Maintaining a Pressure Washer

You are going to be using your power washer all the time (because it’s awesome), but you have to think about how to take care of and maintain it. This article will let you in on all the things you need to do in order to keep your washer functioning for years to come.

A Final Word About my Reviews

The whole idea behind my website was to sell life insurance to you… Just kidding! It’s actually here to provide you with all the information you need with regards to pressure washers. It’s also here to spare you the hassle of reading through hundreds of pointless articles, dishonest reviews, ads, and press releases.

If you have managed to read all the articles and reviews I’ve written here, I am confident you will have no trouble at all when choosing the right pressure washer for you.
Remember, there is NO “pressure” to buy!

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