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Briggs & Stratton 20575 Pressure Washer Review

You Can Rely on This Pressure Washer for Any Kind of Cleaning Job

As I was compiling my list of pressure washers, I had to become acquainted with hundreds of different models. Needless to say, it made my head spin! I decided to start off by reviewing pressure washers made by well-known manufactures that have a good reputation. One company is Briggs & Stratton.

One of the best residential gas powered pressure washers they make is the 20575 Gas Pressure Washer which has a 775-Professional Series 175cc Engine with ReadyStart Technology (time for a deep breath after that mouthful…).

I’ve singled this one out because it represents a great solution for those of you who have the need for some light to medium cleaning jobs on a regular basis. This includes stuff like car washing, cleaning fences, driveways and outdoor furniture (to name but a few).

Basic Information, Features and Specifications

This pressure washer has a powerful 2800 PSI motor which puts it among the more powerful units in its class. As far as residential cleaning jobs are concerned, this unit can tackle the toughest of tasks.
Its water flow rate is 2.3 GPM, and when compared to your standard garden hose it uses up to 80 percent less water.

The 175cc engine features OHV design. The overhead valve design of the motor allows it to run cleaner and at lower operating temperatures. OHV motors also consume less fuel and tend to have a longer life.


With this washer, you get an axial cam pump which is suitable for medium to light applications, unlike the triplex plunger pumps which can usually be found on professional heavy-duty pressure washers. The axial cam pump requires a bit more maintenance, but it’s nothing to worry about as long as you follow the instructions.

Detergent Injection System and Spray Nozzles

When it comes to detergent injection the whole thing is done by injecting detergent directly into the water jet, and the tank has a 1-gallon capacity. So this pressure washer can handle any kind of task the unit comes with an assortment of spray nozzles. You get a total of four which are easy to tell apart since they all have different colors (good idea huh)?

You get a white-colored 40-degree spray tip which is best suited to more delicate work and delicate surfaces. You get 2400 PSI and 2.3 GPM with this nozzle, so it’s ideal for washing your car or windows.
You also get a yellow 15-degree nozzle which delivers 2600 PSI and 2.2 GPM which is great for cleaning solid surfaces such as house sidings, garden furniture, bricks, decks, or driveways. The zero-degree tip (as on most pressure washers) has the most powerful jet of water, so you can use this one for those really stubborn stains. This tip delivers a maximum 2800 PSI and 2.1 GPM.

Additional Features

As for features that make your work with this device easier, you have a 30-foot hose along with a hose wrap which can be detached for more convenience. You shouldn’t worry about the hose getting twisted or tangled up because the unit comes with a plastic storage tray which lets you put away some of the accessories in a matter of seconds. It’s mounted on 10-inch “never go flat” wheels, and you also get a fold down handle. I think this is great as far as portability is concerned.


This is a flexible yet powerful pressure washer that will rise to any kind of residential cleaning challenge. The flexibility is mirrored in the fact that it comes with heavy-duty transport wheels, a long hose along with a hose reel, and some convenient storage space where you can keep the nozzle tips.

All things considered, I am impressed! It’s manufactured by a reputable company, it is well-made, and to top it all off it’s affordable. If you are keen on buying this gas powered pressure washer, jet on over to Amazon.

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