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Pressure Washer Nozzles and Attachments

Pressure washers are powerful tools that have a wide a spectrum of application. Thanks to the high pressure stream of water it produces, you can clean just about any surface. However, it’s not exactly that simple.
You see all pressure washers do is create a powerful jet of water, that’s pretty much it. You are still left with directing all that pressure and making the most of it. Yes, you can attach spray guns or wands that allow you to clean those tough to reach spots, but they won’t be very effective without the right kind of attachments.

By attachments I mean nozzles, tips or spray heads. Without the right nozzle, a pressure washer is much less effective since it only has a single spray pattern. This might be ideal for some surfaces, but weak or even damaging for others. For example, delivering a lot of pressure onto a small surface is ideal if you want to clean your driveway, but it will most likely break your windows! Luckily choosing the right nozzle is not that difficult, especially since there are five universal tips that are color coded. This way, you can influence the amount of pressure and the spray pattern depending on the surface.

The Red Nozzle

the red nozzleThe red-colored nozzle tip delivers a zero-degree spray pattern that is very efficient at cleaning driveways and barbeque grills etc. However, you have be careful because this tip can only be used on hard surfaces such as metal or concrete even if you are operating a small electric pressure washer.

It can break or damage delicate surfaces such as glass, plastic and others. Even if you are washing your grill or car, do not get the spray too close to the surface as it can scratch it. Remember, a pressure washer is not a toy especially with the red tip as the spray coming out of it is powerful enough to tear flesh from bone!

The Yellow Nozzle

the yellow nozzleThe yellow nozzle delivers pressurized water using a 15-degree spray pattern. I would advise you to use this tip for heavy-duty tasks like garage floors, driveways, walls, drains, gutters, and so on. It is less powerful than the zero-degree tip, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the surface. However, I would avoid using detergent with this one since it is still powerful enough to embed it deep inside the surface you are cleaning which is not necessarily a good thing.

The Green Nozzle

the green nozzleThis nozzle sprays out water in a 25-degree spray pattern which is perfect for more sensitive surfaces that don’t respond well to high PSI counts. With a green nozzle you can clean your deck, outdoor furniture, brick walkways and patios, cars and boats. When it comes to using detergents this tip is perfect.

The White Nozzle

the white nozzleThe white nozzle delivers water in a 40-degree spray pattern. This tip is great if you plan on cleaning delicate surfaces like sidings, stucco walls, and just about any kind of surface that has a finish. In short it is suitable for all surfaces, but is most effective on those that are easier to clean.

The Black Nozzle

the black nozzleThe 65-degree spray pattern that shoots out of a black nozzle is designed to cover the largest area and is the least powerful. Therefore, it is primarily used to apply detergent or cleaning chemicals to a surface.

The Pivoting Nozzle

the pivoting nozzleHaving all five of these nozzles gives you some good flexibility, but sometimes even that is not enough because there are areas that are difficult to reach such as, gutters, drains, roofs, spaces under your deck and so on.
The solution to this problem is a pivoting nozzle. Unfortunately, (as you can see in my reviews) this nozzle never comes as standard. You have to buy it separately no matter which pressure washer you opt for.

The Water Broom

the water broomAnother practical attachment that doesn’t get enough credit is the water broom. Water brooms are attached directly to the wand, and are ideal for cleaning floors or decks. They also have wheels, so they simply glide across the surface while delivering water and detergent through their nozzles.

The Summary

If you want to get the most out of your pressure washer, consider at least getting the color-coded nozzles. Not only will you be taking full advantage of the benefits only a pressure washer can provide, you will also be able to clean every surface you come across.

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