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Pressure Pro E3027HC Power Washer Review

A Feature-Packed Beast That Is All Pros and No Cons

The differences between residential and commercial-grade pressure washers are clearly evident. Commercial-grade models tend to have heavy-duty steel construction, big engines, and huge wheels with off-road tires.

Residential models on the other hand often resemble beefed up vacuum cleaners, and are much less powerful. They do however have their advantages such as lower price, smaller weight and dimensions, and better portability. Bridging the gap between the two is the Honda gas powered Pressure Pro E3027HC Heavy Duty Pressure Washer which comes with a CAT Pump and is CARB Compliant.

Pressure Pro is a relative newcomer to the market because they’ve only been around since 1995. Ever since then, they’ve been steadily increasing their share on the market. They offer plenty of other products, but I chose to review this one because in my opinion it successfully marries the advantages of both residential and commercial pressure washers.

Features and Specifications

The unit combines some of the best components I came across while doing my research. At the core is a powerful 6.5 HP GX200 Honda Gas engine which can also be found on some top of the line industrial washers. It delivers 2700 PSI and 3.0 GPM, a powerful Honda engine? Check!

The outstanding engine is paired up with a triplex plunger pump manufactured by CAT who are famous for making the best triplex pumps on the market. Because a triplex pump prevents the washer from taking in too much air the entire unit is quieter and runs more smoothly, a triplex plunger pump by CAT? Check!

I could stop here since the features above are pretty much a guarantee that this is one great pressure washer. But there is more. This one isn’t seen on pressure washers that often which is a thermal sensor that constantly checks the working temperature of the unit and prevents it from heating up.

Not that this pressure washer has a problem with overheating. On the contrary, it can run continuously for long periods of time without heat causing a problem. Other standard features include an insulated gun, and a wand with 5 different nozzle tips.

Other Features

Unlike its competitors this one comes with a 50-foot hose allowing for an outstanding level of mobility, and the ability to reach even the most remote locations. I often hear how gas-powered pressure washers are convenient since they don’t need to be hooked up to a power source, but there is still the issue of the hose which limits the unit’s movement. The length of the hose on this one eliminates that issue once and for all.

It also has a mesh inlet filter that prevents contaminants from getting into the engine. When you are washing stuff under pressurized water things like dust, dirt and glass particles can ricochet and find their way inside. Again, this unit eliminates that issue. It also has a pressure unloader and a low-oil indicator that makes the whole maintenance process much easier.

The manufacturer has clearly thought of everything!

Sturdy and Durable

In terms of size, the unit measures 32 x 25 x 22 inches which is pretty compact for a professional grade pressure washer. Of course, you still get a sturdy, heavy-duty frame which is very light because it’s made of aluminum. Transportation of this unit is made even easier thanks to the wheels and two carrying handles.

In Summary

I think this pressure washer has so many things going for it. It doesn’t even need me to recommend it! It recommends itself with its powerful engine, sturdy frame, triplex plunger pump and some nifty features that cannot be found on other pressure washers.

Aside from the engine, the highlights for me are the 50-foot hose and the intake filter. There’s no other way to put it, this device is one impressive piece of engineering. If you want to order one or are interested to hear what others have to say, take a look on Amazon.

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