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Simpson MB1223 Power Washer Review

This Sort of Cleaning Power Is Impossible to Beat!

The most common dilemma you are faced with when buying a pressure washer is whether or not you should buy an electric or gas-powered unit. There are plenty of pros and cons for both, but hold on a minute.
There are times when even the most powerful gas-powered pressure washer is unable to get rid of stains and dirt. You see, both electric and gas units use the sheer mechanical force of a pressurized water jet to break down stains. Now and then mechanical just won’t do the trick. Sometimes you need to attack dirt at a molecular level, and to do this you need a steam pressure washer!

One advantage of using steam is the absence of microbes. Just think of how many bacteria, dust mites and other organisms can be found on stuff inside your home. Things like carpets, sofas, even your pillows are full of microscopic bugs that can harm your health.

However, since most bacterium is resistant to water alone they have to be destroyed with heat, which is why I have decided to review one steam pressure washer, the Simpson Mini-Brute MB1223 Heavy Duty Pressure Washer which uses diesel.

Features and Specifications

This steam pressure washer produces 1200 PSI of pressure and 2.3 GPM water flow thanks to the combination of a robust pump and a 120V motor. To be honest, I’ve had some trouble classifying this pressure washer since it has an extra-large vertical combustion chamber which runs on diesel or kerosene.

As is the case with all high-end professional pressure washers, this one also has a triplex plunger pump with an adjustable unloader. The pump itself is powered by an electric induction engine. Therefore, this steam pressure washer combines electricity and diesel/kerosene to battle even the most stubborn stains and impurities.

Diesel is used to heat up water which then turns into steam. However using diesel to power the whole washer isn’t terribly efficient, so electricity is used to run the motor, pump and blower. Even though the Mini-Brute MB1223 only delivers 1200 PSI, don’t get hung up on that number because we are talking steam and not water here.

Other Features

We’re also talking a massive unit, and the combustion compartment makes it look even more powerful (and sort of menacing). This is without a doubt a heavy-duty pressure washer! The whole thing is mounted on a huge steel frame that has two wheels which are ideal for any type of surface. The diameter of the tires( which are pneumatic) is 12 inches, and probably the largest you will come across on any pressure washer.

To make the most of all that power and steam cleaning capabilities, you get a set of 4 quick-connect nozzles: 15, 25, and 40-degrees as well as a soap tip nozzle. Notice the absence of a zero-degree nozzle which is common on most industrial-grade pressure washers. There is no need for it since this unit relies on the cleaning power of steam to get rid of those hardcore stains. You can also choose to direct the water via a spray gun or wand.

Furthermore, you get a 25-foot water hose which is steel-braided, making it kink or abrasion-free and therefore virtually impossible to damage. As far as safety features go, there is a pressure safety relief valve and a high temperature limit switch.

In Conclusion

As far as I’m concerned this is one of the most unusual and powerful pressure washers I have come across. Its heavy-duty design (while somewhat intimidating) is actually quite clever. Using diesel to heat up water and electricity to run the rest of the machine is an inspired solution.

Not only will every surface you clean with this power tool be truly clean, it will also be free of microbes which make it ideal for cleaning stuff inside your home too, not just your yard or car. I have nothing else to say about this unit, other than I recommend it! If you are interested in being microbe free, you can find one on Amazon where prices are always very competitive.

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